Brand Story

The brand Solvil et Titus was born in 1887 when Paul Ditisheim (1868-1945), an extremely prominent figure in the Swiss watch industry of his time, named one of the initial models he created. Solvil, an abbreviation of Sonvilier, is the Jura village in which a factory for making watch components stood and Titus was a highly talented and skilled Roman Emperor of the first century.

The well-known watchmaker and inventor was extremely successful in researching and manufacturing chronometers, which hold records for precision as deemed by the prestigious international trials carried out by the Royal Observatories of Kew-Teddington and Neuchâtel. His products ranged greatly from navigational-purposed watches to chronometers with automatic display of sunrise and sunset time to the minute each day; from watches with perpetual calendars to ones that could strike and incorporated chimes, from chronometers with equations of time to many others with many complicated features.

After World War Two, the mass market demand took over the demand for exclusive articles, and Solvil et Titus also expanded its geographic footprint and production capabilities. In the 70s, Solvil et Titus was made available in the Asian market.

Solvil et Titus launched a series of romantic TV commercials in Hong Kong since late 80s, starring superstars including Anita Mui, Dave Wang Chieh, Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau as well as world-renowned footballer Ryan Giggs. Promoting a watch line based on the theme of antiquity, the campaign was so successful that sales of Solvil et Titus watches skyrocketed and the brand has become a symbol of love and romantic expression. From classic advertising slogn “天長地久” (translated as "Love lost is perhaps the love that remains with you for all time”) to today’s “Time Is love”, the romantic nature of Solvil et Titus has never changed.

In recent years, Solvil et Titus is continuously diversifying its product range. Following the launch of sunglasses, 925 sterling silver jewelry and small, trendy accessories, the brand has also embarked on a new collaboration with the Japanese brand Kanmi to launch handmade leather bags and accessories of simple and chic design. More than a watch brand, Solvil et Titus is now a name for multi-faceted, contemporary and romantic fashion items.